3 Main Reasons That Will Get You A Chef Job

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Written by Vanya Chubatarova

Many Chefs are asking me "Vanya, how can I make my CV look better" or "Vanya, do I really need a portfolio?"

If you apply for a job at a cheap fast food restaurant you do not need any fancy CV or portfolio or what so ever.If you are looking for a Head Chef position in a luxury restaurant or superyacht you need the best possible presentation to get the dream job.

From my personal experience, THE CHEF is one of the most important crew in the entire restaurant or the yacht.Usually, the boss is the one who will decide who will get the job, but the question here is:

What impress the employers when it comes to hiring the new Chef?


This is the first document that all recruiters will see.You will never have the chance to impress the employers for the time again.Make sure that your CV stands out and has all the required information, it's organized and easy to read.Never underestimate the power of the first impression and the professionally done Chef CV.

If you apply and apply and you never get the job maybe this is a sigh that you need a better looking CV.

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Pictures sales.This is the truth.

Many candidates make the biggest mistake to send 20 (for example) food pictures to the recruiters.Now imagine that the same recruiter receives 50 emails more with 20 food pictures attached to each email.How is that gonna work when he needs to introduce you to the boss?What, he will send all the pictures from all the shortlisted candidates to the boss? Not of course. This is why you need a portfolio.

How does a professional Chef's Portfolio look like?

The best way to create a portfolio is by using Microsoft Word.Ideally, the design of your CV and the design of your portfolio will match.Don't forget to add your contact details to your portfolio.If the recruiter like what he sees he needs to be able to call you.

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Professional Chef CV + Chef Portfolio + Chef Menu Plan


This is one of the most important details when it comes to choosing the new Chef.If you are planning to be the Chef you better have a menu plan in hand so you can show a couple of food ideas.If you ask me, you better have 2 or 3 Menu plans:

  • Regular menu plan
  • Vegetarian menu plan
  • Kids menu plan

It takes some time and effort to write them down but it shows your commitment and professionalism.

Menu Plan Sample

Chef Menu Sample

No matter what job you will apply for, the first impression is made by your CV.
Do not forget to update it and make sure that your current resume stands out before you send it to the employers.

This is the best way to get the job you want!

Good luck to everyone.