3 Steps To Make My Engineer Yacht Resume Successful

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Your current CV represents not only your personality but also your professional qualifications and experience.Don't forget that this is the fist document that all recruiters see and they form their opinion about you based on the first impression.

Did you know that the employers spend less than 20 seconds per CV before it goes to the garbage?If your CV is not easy to read and well organized you probably will have a hard time to find your next yacht job.


Organize well your Engineer Yacht Resume.
To make it easier for the employer you can add your higher ticket/qualification on the very top of the first page of your officer CV,next to your name.If your ticket is recognized from MCA would be really helpful to make that visible.

The clean layout of your marine resume will help the recruiter to find what he is looking for and decide easier if you are the right crew member.

The profile picture on your boat CV is critical. Ideally, your photo will be in uniform and with a big smile. Off course,not all of us can be super top models like on the yacht CV sample below.The main point here is to get a picture that you personally think shows the best of you.


If you want your CV to remain on the employer's desk I would recommend you to make your Engineer Resume easy to read.You need to know how to sell your professional skills and marine qualifications.That means that all of your info should be organized in an eye-catching format.

If you are looking for yacht job as a Chief/2nd Engineer one of the most important details on your CV should be info about the Engineer Skills you have developed.If you manage to convince the employer that you have all the necessary personal qualities and professional qualifications required for this position your super yacht resume will become a winner.Make sure that you emphasize your maritime skills.

Don't forget to mention what type of engine you have worked with.

Yacht CV Sample


One of the most important detail is the CV Format.If you are sending your resume directly the private employer or a decision maker and you want to make sure that he will be able to open it and view it correctly you should send your superyacht CV in PDF format.That way,no matter what device the employer use,he will be able to open and view your boat resume properly.