How To Find A Yacht Job With Facebook

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Find the most visited groups and join them (you can also see the list below)

If you want to advertise your profile choose a nice profile picture and say something like " Hi All, My name is .....and I am currently located in .....I am looking for Stew/Deck position ideally in Med.I hold valid STCW, ENG1....... and I am ready to join in the next 2 weeks.Please feel free to contact me directly for CV and references"

You can also use an E-Business card that fit the Facebook criteria to get the private employer's attention.It works very well if you know how to advertise yourself properly.

A sample of an E-Business card appropriate for social media presentation and job search:

If you are interested in getting an E-Business card like this one you can email us with subject"E-Business Card"

In order to Find A Yacht Job, you need to attract the attention of the recruiters and ideally to give them a chance to get your CV for free.

Many crews are asking me "What are the best groups on Facebook to find a yacht job?

My answer to you is:

Vanya Chubatarova (personal profile) - Visit Now

The mega yacht industry - 15 121 members - Visit Now

crew and captain ( exchange) - 11 539 members - Visit Now

Yachting industry - 16 364 members - Visit Now

yachting crews - 14 684 members - Visit Now

Crew in Antibes - 8 609 members - Visit Now

Yachties in Antibes. - 15 384 members - Visit Now

South African Super Yacht Crew - 3 703 members - Visit Now

Captains Looking For Yacht Crew - 3 362 - View Now

Yacht Crew Recruitment For Private Employers - 471 members - View Now

Deck Crew and Officers - 1017 members - Visit Now

Deckhand wanted - 4 087 - Visit Now

Deck Yacht Job - 2 618 - Visit Now

Crew me - 3 668 members - Visit Now

Croatia Yacht Crew - 910 members - Visit Now

mediterranean yacht crew page - 3 035 members - Visit Now

mediterranean captains - 198 members - Visit Now

Barcelona Superyacht Crew - 2 460 members - Visit Now

Yachties in Nice - 3 632 members - Visit Now

Visit Now

Cyprus Yacht Crew - 740 members - Visit Now

Stew wanted - 5 698 members - View Now

Yacht Stew Jobs - View Now

chef wanted - View Now

Rotational super yacht chefs - Visit Now

Yacht Engineers Job Offers - Visit Now

Chief engineers - Visit Now

crew yachts - Visit Now

How many Yacht crew are looking for Work? - Visit Now

Eastern European Yacht Crew - Visit Now

The list is too long and I would be happy to add more Facebooks to this list if you guys think that there are more nice FB groups - just leave a comment below

Don't forget to update your CV before you contact the employers.

Yacht CV Samples available too - Super Yacht Resume Samples

Good luck to all crew!Share this article with your friends and help them find a job also!

Share this article with your friends and help them find a job also!