How To Write A Yacht CV/Resume?

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If you are currently looking for a yacht job you will need to get a proper yacht resume.

The yacht CV is a bit different then the rest of the CV formats.If you are a new to the yachting industry and you want to join the yachting industry you will probably need to rebuild your current CV.

On the very top your CV should have a nice picture (preferably with a uniform) and the following basic info :

E Mail

Date Of Birth
Visa Info
Current Location
Driving License

Here is a Yacht CV Sample and Cover letter sample - PURCHASE THIS CV NOW

Yacht CV Sample


The objectives part should be short and sweet. Make your CV easy to read.That will help the employer to understand what you are looking for and if you would be the right fit for his boat.

Certificates and Qualifications

List all of your certificates and marine qualifications in a nice and organize layout.If you are MCA/RYA Certificates don't forget to mention it.This is really important.

- Certificate 1
- Certificate 2
- Certificate 3

Here is a Yacht CV/Resume Sample -PURCHASE THIS CV NOW

Yacht CV/Resume Sample

Work experience

Keep only relevant experience.Start with your last job that is relevant to the position you are looking for.Emphasize the Job Title-Boat Size-Private/Charter .Add a short job description.

Here is an example of a Yacht CV/Resume - PURCHASE THIS CV NOW

Yacht CV/Resume Sample


Emphasize the marine skills you have.Many yacht crew make a mistake - instead of adding a marine skills they add hobbies and interests.If you have room to fit both skills and interests great,but if you have to choose better put Professional Skills.

Here is a Yacht CV/Resume and Cover Letter Sample - PURCHASE THIS CV NOW

Yacht CV Sample


Add your education only if it's connected to your position. Don't extend your CV with info that is not helpful to the recruiter.

Here is an Example Of Yacht CV/Resume - PURCHASE THIS CV NOW

Yacht Resume/CV Sample

Yacht CV Format

One of the most important details of your yacht resume is the format of your CV - the crew agencies are asking for CV in word format but actually the best format is PDF.No matter what device the employer is using he can open and view your CV properly.

If you send your CV in word format you will never be sure if the employer will be able to view your CV properly.