Looking For Super Yacht Job?

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A couple of advises how to find a yacht job and what you must do if you want to get a job as soon as possible.

# Free For Employers

If you want to increase your chances of finding a job you must hang around websites and social networks where the employers can contact you and download your CV for free. That rule apply especially for all newbies or crew with offshore and cruise ship experience. Linked in is a big,big must.This is a professional social network that can help you a lot.Facebook is a must too.Make sure that you remove the pictures that are not appropriate from your profile.

Advertising yourself online the social networks can be challenging sometimes.If you want to look professional you can use an E- Business Card like this one:

There is also a couple of free websites :

- www.daywork123.com

- www.dockjobcrew.com

- www.yachtloop.com

- www.superyachtjobs.com

Don't forget to register online all of the crew agents - they can be also very helpful,especially if you are qualified and experienced with presentable CV and good references.

# Presentation

Many of the crew I know are complaining that they apply every single day for jobs but they never get a reply from the employers.My personal advice to all crew is to make sure that you have an EASY TO READ CV and make sure that your referees will back you up.The other day I say on Facebook a comment from one employer that the referee did not recommend the Deckhand....Oh...poor guy!

If you are not sure what to add and what to remove from your yacht resume you can use a PROFESSIONAL YACHT WRITING SERVICE

Super Yacht CV/Resume