Top 6 Mistakes That Destroy Your Yacht CV/Resume

· 325 words · about 2 minutes

Did you know that you have less than 20 seconds to impress the employer with your CV before it goes to the garbage?

Here are the most common mistakes you need to avoid:

1.Messy Layout - if your CV is not well organized the employers will struggle to find what they need and your CV goes directly to the "Rejected" pile.Professional CV Design will make your resume stand out and will eliminate the competition.

2.Spelling and Grammar - many people are having a hard time with the spelling and the grammar.If you need additional help ask a friend for assistance or always double check online before putting something stupid on your CV.Make sure that you know how to spell COOK :)You can also get a professional CV Writing Service that will increase your chances of getting your next well-paid yacht job.

3.The Length of Your CV - Do not exceed the recommended two pages.Some of the candidates with 20 - 30 years experience will ask how to fit all this info in two pages.I know it's hard but it's possible.Contact us if you need help.

4.Content - Keep only the relevant work experience,education, and skill set according to the position you are applying for.Keep it short and sweet!If you are not sure what to add and what to remove from your current CV you can get assistance.

5.Profile Photo - One of the most important elements of your CV is the profile picture.Get a nice head-shoulder picture preferably with a uniform.

6.Update Your CV - No matter how does your CV looks you need to update it once you have gained a new experience or you changed any of your contact details.What's the point of having a CV if it's not updated?

Basic mistakes that too many qualified job seekers make when creating their CV.If you apply for jobs but no one invites you for an interview you CV probably is not working for you and needs to rebuild it.If you need advice or additional help please feel free to contact us.