Free Yachting CV Template - How To Create A Professional Yacht CV?

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Did you know that yachting CV is a bit different than any other Offshore CV or Cruise Ship CV?

When you write your yachting resume you should follow a couple of rules.


The yachting resume should be no longer than 2 pages. This is what the crew agents will ask from you so please have this in the mind.No matter how many years experience do you have you should not exceed the 2 pages CV.

Yacht CV Sample


The Super Yacht Resume should be written in Word and PDF format for 2 main reasons.

- Yacht agents will require a marine CV in Microsoft Word format (so they can make any changes needed)
- The PDF format is needed simply because this format is visible on any device

The different between Word CV format and PDF format CV is that the Word files are editable and you can make unlimited changes at any time.

Yacht Resume Sample


Yachting CV is with a very specific structure and should contain a particular info. The marine resume does not have the same layout for example. For those of you who are still using Euro Pass please update your CV with a modern CV design.

Yachting Resume Sample

If you need help with creating a professional marine resume please feel free to contact us now